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Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break


I'm  afraid I haven't made much progress on anything this week, thus my lack of posts. However, I decided I shouldn't just leave you guys hanging, so now I'm writing this. :p

Alice in Wonderland was amazing. Not really like I thought it'd be, but it was pretty cool. :D The Hare and Mad Hatter were probably my favorite people, haha. Whoever played the Red Queen was good, too. (:

By the way, for those of you who haven't noticed, I now have some pages up at the top of my blog for easy reference to my current/finished projects. :D It took me a little while to put together, so I hope you like 'em, haha. (:

How is everyone?? Are you guys good?? Sarah...I didn't see you at youth!! You better have a good excuse, haha. Just kidding, I forgive you. :D

But, yeah. I'm okay, I guess, not sick or anything, so that's always a good thing.

I'm REALLY looking forward to Wednesday/Thursday when my cousins are coming up for Spring break. They live in Austin and can't leave 'till my Aunt gets off work, so they usually get here at like midnight or one in the morning. And then, on Friday, my other cousins are coming!! Ahh...How I love family. Haha.

That's pretty much it, really. Nothing much has been going on lately. How's your first day of Spring break been?? (:

~Rachiella <3


  1. I stayed with my Grandparents instead of going to youth, because I value my time with them.

    Any other excuse needed?

  2. Nope. That's a very good excuse. (:


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