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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work-in-Progress Wednesday 3 (25)


First off, today's one of my best friend's birthdays. Happy birthday, Arielle!

Second, it's been awhile since I did WIPW, haha. Wonder if anyone remembers me.

Actually, I'm not actually working on much *at the moment* either because I don't have enough yarn or the right needles for certain orders. These are pretty much the only projects I have going on:

 ^ The beginnings of a simple beanie.

I'm not sure if these gloves count as a WIPW or not. I made the first glove a long time ago and just finished the second a couple weeks ago. Now I'm adding finger holes on as an afterthought, which isn't working out very well, haha. q:

Yeahh. Like I said, I'm not working on much right now. But I'll be really busy in the next few days or so.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh. My Bad.

Wow. I haven't even thought about blogging in forever, haha.

So, things to report:

I now have an online store. I had one before, but now it's more official.

Right now it's just custom orders, though. When I first put on Facebook that I could make stuff for anyone who wanted me to, I had no idea so many people would actually buy stuff. Therefore, I am now nice and backed up with orders, and have been since September. (;

I've also finished my vest. (This Pattern)

I added these sleeves (they're crochet):

 I love it. Only thing is, the sleeves fall down all the time, which is really annoying.

Some pictures of stuff I've made since I last blogged:

...Okay, I've made more than that, I assure you, I have! I just forgot to take pictures of them all, haha.

I also finished that quilt I was sewing. Well, the sewing the blocks together part, anyway. My aunt took it home to do the actual quilting part of it. Can't wait to see it! (:

Welp, I'll try to remember to post more, but I'm gonna be awfully busy for a while. I'ma try to do WIPW tomorrow.
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