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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, The Antics Of A Family Like Mine...(;

Hey everyone!! How was your Spring break?? I hope it was fun. I just got back from my grandparent's house.


I had an amazingly awesome week. It started on...

  • Wednesday:
I went to youth at 6:00 pm, had pizza and hung out with my friends, left at 8:00 pm, went home for a few minutes, left to pick up my brother (Colin, age 18) at around 8:55 pm and proceeded to go straight to my grandparent's house.
At about 9:30 we got there to find that the Papkes (Aunt Beth, Uncle Vince and Jarrod, age 15) had got there "like, two minutes" before us.
We then went to the kitchen and talked for a hour or so. After that we (my brother Colin, my cousin Jarrod and I) went up stairs to watch TV.

  • Thursday:
We did that for a while...And then went to bed around 2:30 am or 3:30 am (I think :p). We got up around 10:00 am or 11:00 am and: played pool and cards and did stuff outside like driving the 4-wheeler, talking, and making delicious S'mores, until my other cousins got there, which consisted of: The Gilberts: Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Roland, Cameron (age 12) Caleb (age 7) and Sierra (age 5) and their cousin on their mom's side, Skylar (age 13?); And another Papke with his girlfriend: Justin (age 20), and Lauren (age 19?).

  •  Friday:
We then went outside around 2:00 am so the guys could play football. They also played human jump rope with Colin. It was funny, hahaha. :D
After we went to sleep and woke up later in the morning, we did the usual eating, talking, laughing, playing, driving and watching.
During all of that, my parents came out with my brother's friend and girlfriend: Josh (age 16) and Zara (age 16).
We then continued to do the usual eating, talking, laughing, playing, driving, and watching. After a while Zara and my parents left, while Josh stayed the night.
 That night was great, and probably my favorite out of the week. We played catch with the frisbee and football, played ultimate frisbee, sat around a big campfire, danced, and had tons of fun.

  • Saturday:
The Gilberts left. :(
We watched a kind of gory but pretty good movie called Ninja Assassin. <3 
We did the usual eating, talking, laughing, playing, driving, and watching (of course :) and afterward went to the Soda Pop Shop in downtown Ardmore, got yummy shakes, left, went to Wal*Mart, got milk, soft drinks for Grandma and a Full Throttle (energy drink) for me. :D We then proceeded to go to KFC and get chicken, which was also where Josh was picked up.
After we were done stuffing our faces we did random stuff which I don't correctly remember the order of...But the activities were: playing pool (I think), sitting around the campfire (I think), playing Catchphrase (I think), and then played a 3 hour game of Apples to Apples, which lasted until 1:30 am.

  • Sunday:
We (meaning me, Justin, Lauren, and Uncle Vince) had a snowball fight.
And then everyone ate a smorgasbord of left-overs from all the previous days. It was delicious. :D
The Papkes left at around 3:00 pm. We left around 4:00 pm.


So, all in all, it was an amazingly awesome week. I love my family so much, haha. They're crazy. (:

Well, spring break's over, everyone's gone or on their way home, and now it's time to try to settle back into my slow, boring life. :(

At least I get to see 'em again in June!

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