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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Phone/iPod Pouch - Pattern

Skill level: Easy - Beginner

.::Skills needed::.
.cast on.
.k1, p1 ribbing.
.stockinette stitch.
.bind off.

 I made the "pattern" up myself (if it may indeed be called one, it's so easy). It's just simple k1, p1, ribbing and stockinette stitch.

 The gauge really doesn't matter. You can pretty much use any size needle, and I'm not too sure the type of yarn counts for a lot either, if you just make a few changes.

I used size 8 needles and some acrylic yarn (worsted weight, I think? I got it from my grandma without any labels, so I'm not 100% sure what thickness/weight it is).

You do not need to use two strands of yarn. I just did so because I liked the way it looked.

Keep in mind the number of stitches you cast on will need to be increased depending on if you use one strand of yarn, the type of yarn/size of the needles you use, etc.

If you use two strands of yarn, hold them together the ENTIRE time, knit them as if they were one.

PLEASE NOTE: this pouch is knitted in one long strip and then sewn up the sides.

  • Cast on 14 sts with BOTH strands of yarn held together (if desired).
  • Work in k1, p1, ribbing for 4 rows.
  • Work in stockinette stitch until double the desired size, plus one inch (about 11" for mine) .
  • Work in k1, p1, ribbing for 4 rows.
  • Bind off in k1, p1.

Sew the 'flaps' of ribbing down over the BACK (bumpy side) of the stockinette (these will be the holes for the drawstring to go through, so don't sew the sides of the ribbing closed).

Sew up the sides of the pouch (I did it in mattress stitch, but you can do it any way you choose).

Pull the strings through the holes, and viola, there you have it.

Does that make any sense? It's the first time I've actually WRITTEN DOWN a pattern, haha.

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  1. What a cute little pouch! I love those gifts that take just an evening or so to complete :) A couple weeks ago I crocheted a potholder (first crocheted potholder I've made) and was so pleased that it took only one evening. Now if only I could knit I could make this!

  2. Thank you! I love quick gifts, so fun and useful at the same time, haha. (: Congrats on your potholder! I'm sure it's lovely. :D

  3. Wow! Congrats on ur first pattern! I luv how the blog looks.

    So cool!!!!

  4. okay so this has nothing to do with your post but I was looking at your profile and I have to say I completely love your favorite bands. they're like... all my favorites too ;) you don't meet too many girls who like Christian metal xD

  5. I like Owl City. Adam Young is amazing. but the Jonas Brothers???? (die) yeah haha. its... awesome =D I'm glad I've found someone who actually agrees with me who's not a guy

  6. Well, I don't necessarily dislike Owl City (actually I've never *really* heard 'em before, haha), it's just that pretty much everyone likes 'em. :p

    But yeah. :D 'Tis amazing, haha. My brother's girlfriend likes metal, but I think she's pretty much the only girl I know who likes it. :/


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