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Thursday, December 3, 2009


Eheh. Sorry guys...I guess I forgot to write. :/ I'll do my best to keep up with this blog though, I promise!! (: So...I was unfortunately unable to get good pictures of my finished creations, but hopefully (not necessarily probably...) I'll have some soon-ish. Anyway.

I finished "Grandmother's Scarf", which turned to be a little shorter than I had hoped it would be; But thankfully she (my Grandmother) loved it anyway. (: I haven't finished any of my other projects I posted on here, but I did, however, make noticeable progress.

As I said before, I will do my utmost best to keep up with this blog...It's a little hard when it's about knitting and crochet though...Haha. (:

Thanks for reading! (:

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