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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick and Easy

Hey everyone!!!

Sunday (December 6th) I started a baby cardigan. I finished it December 7th (Yesterday). I'm rather proud of it, though it was EXTREMELY quick and easy. But still, it was first baby item, my first cardigan/sweater, and my first thing to make for charity. (:

This picture was taken from my phone yesterday:

(My hand was closer to the phone/camera in this picture, that's why the cardigan looks so dang tiny. :p)

And these were taken today:


(my hand was actually ON the cardigan in this picture, so that's why it might look a little bigger than the one above that was taken yesterday)

I originally planned for it to be newborn sized like the pattern says, but either the yarn or the hook I was using made it a little smaller, so it's more like a preemie size now lol. :p But I love it! It's so cute and tiny. (: Now I just have to find buttons to sew on...

Click Here For Pattern (:


  1. Is this the sweater for your aunt's baby coming in the spring? It's really cute. Did you know that Hannah was born pre-maturely?

  2. No, this particular sweater is for charity. (And it's my cousin's baby, not my aunts. ;) And I had no idea Hannah was born pre-maturely!! ...Although I think you might have told me that once. xD

  3. Sorry, cousin's baby. What are you gonna make for the baby????


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