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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A New Layout, And Pictures

Hey there everyone.

Like the new layout? It's a bit more easier to read now, and, it's green. You can never go wrong with green! (;

But, anyway.

I bring pictures of my new yarn stash. Well, I guess it's not exactly a new stash of yarn...But it is newly arranged.

Baby/Solids (there's some yarn that's missing from the pic)




And I've also got several other skeins that need to be rolled up into balls. It's gonna take awhile, haha.

I also knitted a black-and-gray-striped-beanie for my brother, which I don't have pics of because I doubt he would be willing to pose for one, and I'm rather afraid to ask. (: I've already started to knit another black-and-gray-but-not-as-dark-of-a-gray-striped-beanie for my other brother. They're really quick and easy to make, so it'll probably be finished sometime tomorrow.

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