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Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm Bad At This.

What's happened to me? I was actually doing kinda good in March (a total of 11 posts) and now...I fail. Haha. Guess it's 'cause I haven't been doing much crafting lately. I don't know why; I haven't been really busy or anything. However, I did get back into the crafting spirit a couple of days ago. Who knows how long it'll last, though...

But, enough of that. I'll try to blog more.

I finished that skinny scarf I was making. It's kinda short, but I'm beginning to think I like those kind of scarves; short, and skinny. Doesn't keep you very warm, but it works good on those kinda-cold-but-not-really days. Plus, you can use 'em as sashes/belts!

Sorry for the messy background, haha.

Oh, and I made the second glove for my mom:


Sorry for the bad quality. They're actually more purple than that in real-life, haha.

Here's some pics of that baby blanket I'm working on:

That's a 12" ruler.

So, yeah. I also found more room for all my yarn, but hopefully I'll post pictures of that later.

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  1. You know I love you AND your blog! I think it's GREAT!!





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