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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey All!

What's up? Having a good day? I sure hope so! (: Well, anyway, I suppose you guys might like to know a little about me. I'm a Christian teenage girl who loves knitting and crocheting, and Christian rock bands such as: Blindside, Flyleaf, 12 Stones, etc. etc. I also love other genres, such as the one which belongs to the band 'Eisley'. Their pretty amazing. Haha. (: But yeah. I'm fairly new to knitting and such, and not all that great yet. :( But I'm trying, haha. So, yeah, I'll do my best posting on here, and I'll try to include pics of my projects. Here's a link to my Ravelry profile: My Ravelry Profile (: I hope you enjoy my blog!



  1. Dear Rachel,
    It's Sarah O. LOVE what you are doing! Need to show more pictures of your knitting. How did you set up such a cool blog. Show me!!! Can't wait to see your next post. If you want to actually post patterns, I've looked up tons (and I mean TONS) of patterns on line that I could send you. Just give me a call. Your very awesome, cool, and totally modest friend, S.O.

  2. I wrote a poem for you....

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    There can't possibly be
    A better friend than you!

    Sarah :D

  3. Awwws!!! Ahah. Thanks so much Miss Sarah!! :D I love the poem. (: And I will so call you now...xD

  4. Love the new pics of the sweater!!! So glad you told me the new link. It kinda freaked me out when I couldn't find it before. Do you know if the other girls visit your blog? They should, it's pretty cool.

  5. Heheh, I'm glad you like the pics. (: But no...I don't know if anyelse looks at my blog. But can I ask you a question? Why on earth do you always comment on this post??? Since you're talking about the pics of the sweater, why don't you comment on THAT post lol?!?! xD


Thanks for your comments!! I love reading them. (:

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